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Cash and Transit Vehicles
Cash and Valuables In Transit 

What is CVIT and what does it stand for ?

CVIT stands for cash and valuables in transit. CVIT is the service of collecting coins, notes, jewellery and other valuables from different types of businesses and transporting it safely to process it into secure storage, cash centres, banks, ATM points, and other venues or branches.

How does a pick up from Knights Cash work ?


You as a customer can enquire for our services via email at from there on of our customer coordinators will be in touch with you to discuss all necessary details about your business to see what products knights cash could provide your business to improve your operations.

Pick up

Once you have decided what service suits your business best, our professionally trained and vetted
CVIT staff equipped with state of the art technology, will arrange the collection of your valuables in the agreed time slot and deliver the goods at the desired destination.

Why our CVIT service could improve your business?


Let knights cash take care of the transport and the secure arrival of your goods, reducing the risk of having to send out own staff thus eliminating the possibility of your goods being stolen during transport and staff potentially being harmed.


Save time 

Letting Knights cash deal with the sometimes lengthy and risky process of loading transporting and delivering the valuables to the desired destination.


Flexibility and convenience

We at Knights cash focus on catering to the customers’ needs and requirements no matter small or large when or where we together with you the customer will create a custom schedule fitting your needs keeping your costs low with our competitive rates supporting your business.

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