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ATM Services

ATM’s for Businesses

Knights Cash offers a comprehensive ATM service for businesses of all sizes. Our ATMs come equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date software, and our services cover a range of commercial sectors from small retailers to travel hubs. We also provide services in city centres, as well as more rural and remote locations, where banks are no longer present.

Our ATM services help to increase customer footfall and loyalty, which can result in an increase in profits. Our services include cash replenishment, fully managed maintenance, depository collection, processing and banking, and intelligent lock installation and management. By utilising our services, you can provide the most secure and convenient ATM experience for your customers. 

ATM Services

Cash Replenishment 

Knights Cash can replenish ATM cash supplies and manage the replenishment by basing it on planned, scheduled or pre-determined balance of each ATM. 


Fully Maintained

Through our selected partners, we can provide full maintenance to your ATM’s. From cleaning machines and replenishing stocks of receipts, handling software updates through to replenishing ATM cash supplies.

Benefits of a Fully Maintained ATM -  
•    Fully managed operation by Knights Cash 
•    Cash filled by Knights Cash
•    Latest technology and security features
•    Minimum space requirements
•    Minimum disruption during installation

Depository collection, processing and banking

If you have a requirement for funds to be transferred from a drop safe, we can deliver it to your chosen bank or process it and credit to your account. 


Intelligent lock installation and management

We work with selected partners to provide you with fully audited access control to replace existing ATM locks with intelligent locks

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